ICTAL; relating to or caused by an epileptic seizure


current work


Hidden Truths

A set of prints for the 'Hidden Truths: the Mind Unraveled' exhibition. This has shown at several galleries in the USA, 2013 - 2015.

A set

'ictal motion', 2013, 30x30cm


'seizure data', 2013, 30x20cm

'Repetitive limb movement, turning the head with an expressionless face, speaking non-lingually and dysphasically may indicate post ictal partial, dreamlike perception and confusion. Blending of the sense of self with others is what two selves, rather than the view through the person's eyes, represent.'

'seizure data 2', 2013, 40x40cm

'Intractable epilepsy, in its primary signification, and its radical promise is that which not only eludes but also subverts the "proper". And it defies propriety by subverting property, namely the appropriation and ownership of bodies and consciousness by non ictal normativity.'


Altered Images

'another version 2013'

A video, representing the personal experience of a complex partial seizure, click the image to see the video. This was shown at the Altered Images Exhibition at Durham Art Gallery, Canada, Sept 7th - Nov 3rd, 2013.