ictal project

gus cummins

My previous paintings had mainly avoided the subject of epilepsy. My last 2 paintings in 2006 were named ‘Post Ictal: Nocturnal’ and ‘Post Ictal: Nameless’. Post Ictal refers to the period of confusion following an epileptic seizure. Before that my paintings were about the beauty of geometric composition and glazes over textures. Go to our website and get book of ra gratis spielen. Hurry up to go and start winning.

post-ictal:nocturnal   post-ictal:nameless
‘Post Ictal: Nocturnal.’
Acrylic on canvas 1m sq
  ‘Post Ictal: Nameless.’
Acrylic on canvas 1m sq

The breakdown of the grid in the abstract style of the ‘Post Ictal’ pair of paintings refers to the loss of cognitive process that I experience for 10 minutes following a seizure. During this time I lose language, memory and sense of identity (hence ‘Nameless’). The seizures most often occur at night (‘Nocturnal’).

I quickly realised that these paintings only had meaning for me, so decided to look for other ways to represent epilepsy in images. I found a lot of solutions in the many brain scans, EEG wave forms and other medical recordings that I had stored away.

In 2007 I started work producing an exhibition. Tend to be you do not sure where to find trendy wagering for celebration? Go to the $5 minimum deposit casino australia 2020. There are various additional bonuses since well.




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