ICTAL; relating to or caused by an epileptic seizure



phase 1

This was an exhibition in 2008 in the Royal United Hospital in Bath and then in the Neurosupport Centre in Liverpool. Here are some extracts:

'Aura' - the moments preceding a seizure.
450 x 300mm C-type

'Post Ictal' - this dialogue was transcribed from a hospital recording of me in the 'post ictal' state, the minutes following a seizure.
300 x 300mm C-type

100x100cm version at 'Altered Images Exhibition' - Durham Art Gallery, Canada 2013

'160' - this is made from an MRI scan showing 160 'slices' of my head.
760 x 560mm Screen print


An A1 poster version of this from a print run of 500 is avaiable for £10 - go to the SHAPE page for this and more.